Case Studies

Energy On has achieved outstanding results for new and existing developments by implementing an Energy On Embedded Network or Circulating (Bulk) Hot Water system. We are well versed in the rehabilitation of sites and have extensive experience in the conversion process.


Brownfield Residential

Learn how an older residential building reduced their common area costs to zero and delivered a surplus!

Brownfield Serviced Apartment Hotel

Learn how this Serviced Apartment / Hotel / Residential complex was able to reduce common area costs whilst fairly apportioning commercial expenses.

Brownfield Rehabilitation

Learn how Energy On rehabilitated this poorly structured network to clear all outstanding debts and deliver a 5 figure annual surplus!

Brownfield Rehabilitation - Multi Site

Learn how Energy On rehabilitated a 4 network site to deliver 4 figure surpluses within 12 months.

Greenfield Residential

Learn how Energy On saved a Developer thousands of dollars in infrastructure costs to deliver an embedded network that now delivers a surplus of over $40,000 pa and recovers the Owners Corporation over $18,000 on the cost of their Circulating Hot Water.