Simplifying utility supply and billing for large building complexes

Energy On simplifies utility supply and billing in apartment buildings, office complexes, shopping centres, retirement villages, airports and industrial estates.

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Utilities we cater for

We provide industry leading solutions for electricity, circulating (bulk) hot water, cold water, gas, heating and air conditioning. We can also work with customers in the development of private networks for telecommunications.

Cold Water


Air Conditioning


Great for Network Owners

Save money and stress with an end to end utility solution from Energy On. From site feasibility, evaluation and planning – through to implementation, metering, invoicing and credit management.


Energy On will design your Embedded Network, working with your electrical engineers to create the best possible solution and then implement and manage the network for you.


Reading and monitoring individual occupancies to ensure accurate and timely recording of utility consumption leading to accurate billing and recovery. Occupiers have ability to view consumption through online portal.

Customer Invoicing

Regular invoicing of Occupiers ensures that your network receipts are recorded and collected to maintain network viability, cover costs and deliver surpluses. 

Cost Recovery

Our solutions create a user pays environment where users pay for what they use, recovering substantial costs for network owners and reducing the financial burden on lot owners.

Credit Management

Keeping the network viable through effective management of reminders, overdue notices, disconnection and debt collection are key elements of well managed networks.


Using our deep industry experience our consultancy team ensures that supply contracts, network rates and building efficiencies are at their optimal. Outside of the networks we manage, our consultancy team can help deliver a range of benefits to large utility consumers.

Providing sustainable energy solutions

Sustainable energy sources offer various benefits to owners, whether it is increasing a building’s green credentials, or increasing efficiency and effectiveness of your building.

Talk to our consulting team about how we can help green your building.

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Solar (PV) Array

Battery Technology

Electric Vehicle Charging

Co generation

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Energy Solutions

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Great Customer Support

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