The Benefit Of Utility Submetering - Sub Metering Electricity

20 August 2018

Should My Building Be Looking At Utility Submetering?

What Is Utility Sub-Metering?

Embedded networks rely on accurate metering to record and invoice for each residence’s individual energy use. Advanced metering systems that are installed at every occupant’s home or office space allow tenants to view their usage through an online portal in real time, a feature that appeals to many of the residents in buildings managed by Energy On.

This concept can be extended to include other metering of major elements in your site’s infrastructure. This enables you to take control of how energy is being consumed in your building and use that information to your advantage, with additional utility submetering as part of your embedded network.

What are the benefits?

Sub-metering is a valuable step in managing energy utility costs and working towards a more sustainable environment for your building.

Sub-metered buildings enable building management to see which energy sources are consuming the most. In commercial buildings, this is extremely beneficial to facility managers, allowing them to assess the efficiency of individual pieces of equipment, create accurate budgets for departments, monitor where energy is used, and assess greenhouse gas emissions. In residential embedded networks, this can assist in identifying the costs of specific common property expenses and allow for better cost allocations.

Sub-meters can be applied to systems controlling:

-       Lifts

-       Appliances

-       Machinery

-       HVAC Systems

-       Refrigeration

-       Lighting areas

-       Gas

-       Hot Water

-       And much more


Business departments or building areas can also be segmented and consumption analysed when sub-metered.

Utility submeters can lead to greater understanding of consumption, which results in improvd efficiency, behavioural change and cost savings. The key factor here is the quality of the data supply from your metering. With “Smart Meter” AM data you can accurately examine consumption patterns.

Facility managers, body corporates and occupants all have the same ambitions in working towards core goals; save money, have transparent access and overview of their energy usage, and be acknowledged for sustainability efforts.

Energy On utility submetering as part of an embedded network provides a single solution to all these needs.