Embedded Network Rehabilitation

20 October 2017

Here at Energy On, we can’t count the number of times we’ve spoken to residents, Owners Corporations / Body Corporate / Strata & Community Corporations and their Managers and heard how disappointed they are with their embedded network and how they’d love to get out of it.

There’s only one reason that they would think this.

  • The network isn’t providing the building or occupiers with any benefit.

There can be several reasons why this is the case.

  • Your embedded network operator (ENO) has a contract that allows them to retain any surplus benefit derived from the on-selling process. Click Here To Read More

                        - Sadly, this is an all too common occurrence. Many deals were done with developers to give the network to the operator and this means customers are trapped and can’t always access competitive rates.

  • Your rates are too high.

                       - Partly to do with the point above, but can also be the result of poor negotiation on the rates at the Parent (or Gate) Meter, which leads to lower margins and higher rates in the network, leaving everyone out of pocket.

                       - Network tariffs are set incorrectly resulting in much higher pricing than necessary, again a result of not having informed advice in negotiations with the retailer. This can be because there is n=insufficient data available to effectively negotiate or not enough competition was                           looked for in the tendering process.

  • Poor Network Design.

                      - Getting network design right up-front is a key component of a successful embedded network. Many early sites have been impacted by poor planning that leads to less than successful outcomes.

Just because you have a network that isn’t performing as it should be now, doesn’t mean that it won’t be able to perform for you going forward. You just need the right advice, and that means asking someone with many successful rehabilitations under their belt, someone with over 10 years in consulting to and operation of, electrical embedded networks all over the country. Whether your network is residential, commercial, industrial or retail, if it isn’t working as it should be, or your just generally not happy with it, talk to someone who can make it right.