Energy On’s Partnership with the Victorian Government in Green Local Energy Networks

10 January 2024

In a groundbreaking collaboration that underscores Energy On's commitment to customer service, fairness, equity, and sustainability, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Homes Victoria to introduce Local Energy Networks (LEN) across six sites in and around Melbourne.  This milestone, unveiled by Minister for Housing Harriet Shing at the Ascot Vale site, marks a significant stride in providing the best energy solutions for social housing residents in the region.

Our primary focus in this pioneering initiative is on consumer fairness, providing support to residents grappling with the challenges of rising living costs. Through our collaboration with Homes Victoria, the average energy bill for social housing renters is anticipated to decrease by $400 per year compared to the current Victorian Default Offer. This remarkable reduction will be facilitated through on-site power generated from solar PV and renewable energy sourced from the grid, showcasing our commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

LENs will be deployed at newly constructed, fully electric, and energy-efficient social and affordable housing sites in Ascot Value, Ashburton, Heidelberg West, Hawthorn, Collingwood, and North Richmond. Energy On, in partnership with Homes Victoria, will play a pivotal role in managing each site-specific network, ensuring a reliable supply of electricity and hot water using 100 percent renewable energy—perfectly aligning with the Victorian Government's dedication to achieving net-zero emissions.

Our collaboration with Homes Victoria is a strategic move, demonstrating our commitment to align with the state's regulations on Local Energy Networks. This concerted effort is set to benefit over 1000 households, comprising public housing units, community housing properties, and affordable tenancies. The positive impact extends beyond reducing energy costs; it contributes to the broader $112 million Energy Efficiency in Social Housing Program, focusing on cost and energy-efficient upgrades for public, community, and Aboriginal housing properties.

These newly constructed homes, meeting rigorous environmental design standards, including a minimum average 7-star NatHERS energy efficiency rating, not only prioritise affordability but also contribute significantly to long-term sustainability.

This transformative collaboration signifies a substantial leap towards a more sustainable and equitable future for Victorian residents. One Ascot Value resident told 9 News his low bills made his life easier, especially while the cost of living is so high, thanks to the Energy On Local Energy Network.

It illustrates Energy On's dedication to reducing carbon footprints, prioritising affordable, green energy for all, and exemplifying excellence in customer service, and equity in the realm of Local Energy Networks.