Energy On delivers value to Tasmanian Embedded Networks

5 October 2020

What does it mean to be a Tasmanian Embedded Network?

The concept of an Embedded Network in Tasmania may seem complicated, but it is a structure that allows multi-tenant environments to purchase electricity in bulk and on-sell that electricity to occupiers. This process can generate a surplus of funds for the Owners and supply affordable energy for all. Embedded Networks are commonly found in shopping centres, office buildings, residential apartments, retirement villages and Airports. Your Body Corporate in Tasmania may own, control or operate a private electricity network which improves the common property and carries out other functions for the benefit of lot owners. One lucrative function of the body corporate is to engage an Embedded Network operator to manage the electricity supply on behalf of the lot owners. The owner of this privately owned network, purchases utilities at wholesale rates. The owner on-sells electricity to the Embedded Network at a reduced rate. Tasmanian Embedded Networks allow the owner of the meter to make a profit, which can then cover costs of common areas, make building improvements or to be used as a sinking fund for common area needs as they arise.

What are the benefits of Embedded Networks in Tasmania?

Owners of shopping centres or apartments in Launceston or Hobart can benefit from Embedded Networks. Tasmanian Embedded Networks give owners control over their electricity costs, where the occupiers generate income. This income can contribute toward the expenses of the parent meter and operator fees or for maintenance on the property. Added to the benefit to the owners of the Embedded Network, occupiers enjoy reduced electricity rates. Both owners and occupiers of Embedded Networks in Tasmania experience positive outcomes with an effective privately run electricity network.

Where is the best place to start?

Are you located in Australia? Energy On has energy consultants to provide advice on how your multi-tenant environment can profit from restructuring your current energy operations. Background preparation will assist the Energy On team in delivering effective solutions for energy usage. For us to put together brief financial feasibility for you to consider, send our energy consultants useful information, including the scope of works. The content includes a site overview, the number of residential or commercial meters, description and details of common areas and information on the current arrangements and source of your energy. Single line diagrams will also assist. If you are contemplating a Tasmanian Embedded Network, there are extensive considerations. Energy On exists to support your venture into the unknown, we have expertise in regulatory obligations, pricing, metering, wiring/configuration, billing, and customer service, all of which will take the headache out of administering on-selling electricity.

How can Energy On assist you?

Energy On is happy to work with you to review your current arrangements and provide you with a no-obligation recommendation on the best way forward, meeting the needs of an embedded electricity network. For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact us.