Central Pier

15 April 2020

Central Pier is the centrepiece of Victoria Dock which may be the oldest, large, single dock remaining in the world. The pier was completed in 1916, 20 years after Victoria Dock was completed, and plays a significant role in the trade and transportation history of Victoria. The area was a hive of activity for ships importing and exporting goods in Victoria and, more broadly, a hub for people arriving in Australia.

Between the beginning of the 20th Century and the late 1950s, Victoria Dock was Melbourne's busiest dock taking care of a wide scope of freight including coal, steel, animals, fleece and wheat. During the 1960s, the Harbor Trust started utilizing containerised cargo which called for totally different capacity to the long sheds covering the docks. New docks and infrastructure for transport were manufactured west of Victoria Dock during the 1970s, rendering the dock and the wharves the two sides of the Yarra redundant. Before the decade was over, these new docks were dealing with around 68 percent of the port's freight.

Energy On was excited to be engaged by the owner of the iconic Central Pier in 2010 to manage the private electricity network at the site, known as an Embedded Network, and more recently in 2018 to provide compliance advice and support through the Embedded Network Manager function.

Unfortunately, in August 2019 tenants and guests had to be evacuated from the Pier due to structural safety concerns. After investigation, Development Victoria recommended to demolish the Pier and rebuild it, however opposition has arisen from Heritage Victoria as the structure is on the Victorian Heritage Register. 

Energy On has now suspended the provision of services at Central Pier. To the owners and tenants of Central Pier, Energy On offers tribute and our best wishes for the future.

How Energy On Supports Energy Distribution for Niche Networks

The management of utilities for multi-tenanted properties covers a much broader scope than residential properties such as flats and apartments. Energy On offers Embedded Network services for shopping centres, medical centres, retirement villages, industrial estates and venues such as Central Pier. Owners, Owners Corporations, and other partners of a building derive benefits using Embedded Networks for the Electricity NetworkBulk Hot Water Systems, Cold Water, Gas and Air Conditioning.