8 Step Guide

Our 8 Step Guide Will Help

We believe that Owners Corporation Managers are constantly looking for ways to unlock value in their strata buildings to help reduce the cost on owners. There is a lot of available information out there on what an embedded network is, but very little on how to ensure that they are an effective financial and operational solution for your building.

With that in mind, we have produced “The Definitive 8-Step Guide to Effective Embedded Networks” as a free resource for Managers and their Owners Corporations to develop strategies to get the most out of their networks.

Please download our free guide. We’re confident that it will provide insight into the better management of your utilities. We ask for your email address so that we can manage the effectiveness of our information. We respect your privacy and we will only use your email to send you a copy of the guide, introduce ourselves and to follow up to make sure that you received it. 

*As we will not add your details to an automated email system, please bear with us if there is a short delay in receiving your PDF of the 8-Steps.


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You decide the outcome and we will achieve it for you.

When Energy On operates a network, we act for you.

Our philosophy is simple. Whether your goal is the lowest pricing available to residents, or zero common area costs, or a good annual income to use in sinking funds, we will work with you to achieve your outcome.

Everything in our approach is flexible.

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Open book, fixed fee-for-service model.

Energy On charges a fixed fee for service, calculated on a fee per meter per month, for our end to end service. No hidden costs, no surprises, with full financial reporting provided quarterly to assist your financial management. 100% of any income remaining after costs will be returned to the Owners Corporation. We guarantee our clients full access to all records regarding the site and all negotiations and agreements are confirmed prior to sign off and to financial auditing if required.

Our Business Values

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Our systems and processes, combined with our retail grade billing solution, ensure that our outputs are always accurate and regulatory compliant.

On Time

When we agree to a schedule for your billing, we stick to it. Customers can budget for bills and the OC can expect its funds at the same time each month.

Outstanding Service

We may not be perfect, but we try to be. We know that happy customers are the key to the long term success of your network. We‘ll respect them and treat them well.